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Surf Adaptado

In partnership with the Portuguese Adapted Surf Association (SURFaddict), more precisely with the support of Nuno Vitorino (President / Founder of this association, to point out that he was the pioneer working in this area in Portugal and in Europe), we will be able to create at Be Surf adapted surf events and sessions.

Always in order to understand what can be improved in favor of the development of this adapted sport and the people we want to fit into it.

Our mission is SURF FOR ALL, in the right to physical activity, in the promotion of quality of life, in social inclusion, in the occupation of free time and in the sport of the Establishments of Public or Private Entities in Vila Nova de Mifontes.

The benefits of surfing are of various psychological, sociological, physical and physiological orders, the majority of which promote better knowledge of the body, an improvement in skills, efficiency and sociability.

Our surf lessons will have several objectives, promoting contact with the other students, raising their awareness of their real abilities, objectives that will strengthen self-esteem and contribute decisively to their integration into society.

“In the water, we feel the freedom and the adrenaline of being one among equals. When I’m surfing, I’m not a person in a wheelchair, and what I want is for more and more people like me to be able to feel what I feel. I don’t want to know if it is difficult, I just want to know if it is possible ”Nuno Vitorino SURFaddict.

For more information, please visit SURFaddict – Associação Portuguesa de Surf Adaptado


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